President Muhammadu Buhari has requested the House of Representatives to expedite action on the passage of 2016 budget proposal for 38 federal government agencies and corporations to enable them execute their mandates effectively.

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This seems to be the year of superhero fights. After Batman feeling the need to hash it out with Supes, the Avengers also don’t get along all that well anymore. Now, the the basic premise seems to be rather similar here, the internal workings are quite different. While Batman is basically executing a preemptive […]

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The Young Money and a pop music force, has just reached 50 million followers on Instagram.mThe eccentric Nicki celebrated the milestone with her BFF aka herself. That’s so Nicki. We got a stream of photos showcasing her many personalities, hairstyles, and the like. Who’s a better BFF than you, right? Congrats, Nicki!

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